Aboriginal Foster Care Service - New South Wales (NSW)

We are working with South Coast Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation to deliver the Far South Coast Aboriginal Out-of-Home Care Service in NSW.

Young Indigenous boy in blue shirt looking at camera

This program aims to ensure Aboriginal children and young people are placed with Aboriginal foster carers. Further, Aboriginal caseworkers support kinship carers in an Aboriginal community controlled organisation.

By combining our skills and knowledge with the South Coast Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation, we can better assist Aboriginal children living in foster care and kinship care, and their carers.

We are seeking Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members who can become foster carers. We value placements with community members who can create and maintain positive cultural connections for these children while they are away from their families.

As a foster carer in this program you can:

  • be single or have a partner
  • have children of your own or not
  • already care for other foster children
  • work, stay at home, study or be retired

What matters most is that you want to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children and young people in need.

All carers receive comprehensive training, 24-hour support, respite breaks (if needed) and financial assistance from the state government.

MacKillop is currently recruiting and training foster carers for this partnership. Can you help give a child or a young person a brighter future?

Yes, I can help a child


  • Foster Care Enquiry Line1300 791 677