Types of Bequests

It is important to consider the type of gift you wish to leave to MacKillop Family Services in your Will.

Granddaughter giving grandfather a hug

Residual gifts are often best for everyone as they mean you can consider your family first, but that your gift maintains the relative value and automatically adjusts to any changes in the value of your estate.

However, you can choose to give:

  1. A percentage of the value of your estate
  2. The residue of the estate, or what is left after your family and other beneficiaries have been provided for
  3. A specified amount of money
  4. Specific items such as shares, insurance policies or property
  5. Conditional – a provision that if any specific bequest cannot be carried out (e.g. if a beneficiary has passed away) that asset will be donated to MacKillop Family Services.

We recommend that you seek professional advice in draft your Will, but some recommended wording to discuss with them is available here. You can find a legal professional through the Law Society or Institute in your state or territory.