• Musical Moments at MacKillop School Geelong

    Posted on 06 Nov 2017

    Weve all been moved by music. Hearing your favourite song on the radio can remind you what you were wearing, who you were with and how you were feeling. This ... Read More

  • Lucie's journey from school refuser to full-time student

    Posted on 26 Oct 2017

    Pictured above: one of Lucies lino prints, created during an art lesson. When I met Lucie*, she was 14 years old. She had been in care for 10 months and was ... Read More

  • Welcome St Joseph's Cowper

    Posted on 05 Oct 2017

    MacKillop Family Services in NSW continues to expand with St Josephs Cowper a ministry of the Sisters of Mercy in Australia and Papua New Guinea joining MacKillop Family ... Read More

  • Alice in Whittington

    Posted on 10 Aug 2017

    The story of Alice in Wonderland is one most people are familiar with. A girl falls down a rabbit hole and becomes lost in a fantasy world with peculiar creatures, ... Read More

  • Music therapy: a powerful tool in healing from trauma

    Posted on 07 Jul 2017

    For young people who have suffered trauma, talking about their experiences doesnt come easily. Its no surprise that when the conversation is part of a song or musical expression, its ... Read More

  • New beginnings in NSW

    Posted on 03 Jul 2017

    MacKillop Family Services has started the new financial year with an exciting expansion of its services and programs in NSW. Two ministries of the Sisters of St Joseph Good ... Read More

  • How childhood trauma affects learning and how to help children overcome it

    Posted on 21 Jun 2017

    As recently as the 1980s, many professionals thought that by the time babies were born, the structure of their brains had been genetically determined. However, research has since demonstrated that ... Read More

  • PREP yourself for school

    Posted on 02 Mar 2017

    While the first few weeks of a new school year probably brought excitement, structure and a return to household routine, perhaps it has also brought new anxieties coping with the ... Read More

  • New year, new transitions

    Posted on 13 Jan 2017

    The start of a new year is an exciting time for our MacKillop Education students its the summer holidays, the students are enjoying their break and putting into practice the ... Read More

  • Love over a cheeseburger - Why students re-wrote Shakespeare

    Posted on 28 Nov 2016

    As you may have read, back in April MacKillops Education Services in Geelong decided to go ahead with an ambitious major school production of Romeo and Juliet. It is well documented ... Read More