A Musical Debut for One of Our Teens in Foster Care

Posted on 17 December 2015 by Southern Services Staff

An image of a rack of stage lightning on the roof of a theatre.

A huge congratulations to one of our teen girls in foster care, who was cast in a musical earlier this year.

A number of MacKillop staff were thrilled to see her performance in a production by The Youth Production Company of Legally Blonde held at Gladstone Park Secondary College. The production was a shorter and more age-appropriate version of the Broadway hit and movie of the same name. Our young person played a number of different characters throughout the show, and the production was of an incredible standard; we were really blown away by the level of professionalism all of the young people on stage demonstrated. The production was even featured on the Herald Sun website. Find the link to the article here.

We wish to acknowledge the passion and commitment this young person demonstrated in being part of this production. She consistently attended rehearsals twice weekly from March of this year, whilst at the same time also being actively involved in her own College’s performance of High School Musical. At no time did her commitment to the productions falter and she maintained consistently great results at school.

We would also like to include a special thank you to her dedicated foster carer who gave her unwavering support during the rehearsals and the performance. Her carer demonstrated preparedness to provide transport often late at night, assisted with costuming and provided ongoing support.  

What a great achievement!