A musical outlet for Tania

Posted on 02 February 2016 by Audrey Schueren

Young girl sitting on a bed with an accoustic guitar in her lap.

Tania* is 14 years old and has been in care with her siblings for most of her life. They have experienced severe domestic violence and have been exposed to significant trauma—which resulted in them being placed in foster care.

Tania is bright and resilient, however her trauma means she suffers from depression, mood swings, and feelings of isolation.

Tania has always wanted to learn to play guitar, and about a year ago, she decided to teach herself by watching videos online and practicing on an older guitar she borrowed. She has progressed well over the past 12 months and made new friends at school who also play.

Music has become a therapy and outlet for her, allowing her to safely express her emotions and avoid negative thoughts and behaviours.

Her one wish last year was for a new guitar of her very own, and her wish came true through the generous support of our donors.

Her carer says the guitar has already been wonderful for lifting her mood and allowing her to cope with overwhelming emotions.

“Since receiving her guitar, she has seemed happier and more relaxed. We often hear the guitar sounds coming out of her room, which we understand means she needs a bit of time to herself, and it helps. She has managed to teach herself several songs, and is becoming quite accomplished at guitar – all of her own volition. She is very proud of her new skills, and often plays for her friends and our family.”

You can change the life of a child like Tania too by becoming a MacKillop Childhood Partner.

*Name has been changed and a model image used to protect privacy.