Foster Carer and Award Winner

Posted on 06 December 2015 by Luke Meney

Chivonne and her husband Daniel onstage at the Annual Public Meeting receiving their award.

MacKillop would like to congratulate Chivonne Ford and her family as this winners of The 2015 Catherine McAuley Award for Excellence in Volunteering & Caring.

The Awards are presented in recognition of excellence in practice, an outstanding level of commitment and the exemplification of MacKillop’s values - justice, hope, collaboration, compassion and respect.

Chivonne, husband Daniel and children Holly, Amelia, Oscar and Digby have been foster carers with MacKillop since 2007, and were accredited with the Therapeutic Circle Program in 2009. Since then, they have provided respite, short-term and long-term care to children aged 0 – 16 years, including a young teenage mother and baby.

Chivonne and her family are currently caring for a sibling group of three children, aged one to six years. Each child has significant needs which require regular hospital and therapeutic visits. They all benefit from Chivonne’s warm, caring manner and her ability to advocate for their care. Through thoughtful and insightful discussions, Chivonne consistently interacts respectfully with the children’s parents at care team meetings, contact visits and hospital stays.

Chivonne’s support has allowed the children to have stability, predictability, consistency and routine, and to feel safe and loved. Her behaviour demonstrates our Sanctuary commitments in action: listening to others; providing feedback in a respectful manner; learning from the care team; and sharing knowledge with parents, children and workers.

The highest compliment comes from the children’s parents. When their fourth child was placed in care, they asked, “Have you got another carer like Chivonne, who listens to us, respects what we say and cares about the children?”

You can become a foster carer like Chivonne and her family, find out more.