"It makes me want to be more positive" - Speaker inspires young person

Posted on 05 October 2016 by Anna Masci

Rob Pike speaking to young people

Young people in our residential homes recently heard an inspirational speaker, Robert Pike, tell his story of adversity and how he found the motivation to achieve his dream.

Robert Pike, who founded , shared the story that changed his life. At 17 years of age, he was involved in a fatal car accident in which he was the sole survivor. With his three friends dying on impact, Robert lost both legs and suffered multiple injuries.

Today he is the Owner/Director of Equipe Industries - a company aiming to inspire people and equip them to be successful in all facets of life, and he has represented Australia in Wheelchair Basketball. He shared how sport helped him get through seemingly impossible situations, inspired the young people to view their goals as achievable and shared tips on how to make their dreams a reality.

His story strongly resonated with one young person currently residing in one of our homes.

Jayden*, a 17  year old who will soon be leaving care, shared Rob’s story with others in his home, amazed at Rob’s resilience and strength.

“It’s so good to see, that something so terrible happened to someone and yet he is still so positive and living life. It makes me want to be more positive” said Jayden.

Acting on his inspiration, Jayden bought basketball shoes the next day and by that weekend, was playing basketball with staff and planning on joining a local team.

Jayden has been inspired to “be more positive”, engage in healthy behaviours and build community connections through sport. When on the cusp of moving into independent living, this inspiration – and the actions that have followed – have set Jayden on the right path for his future, and for achieving his dreams.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy.