Catalina House

A young mother cradles her baby to her chest.

Catalina House operates as a semi-independent, transitional house for pregnant and parenting young mothers and their babies, and has the flexibility to be a transitional home for high-risk adolescent girls. 

Catalina House is designed to provide a continuum of care to meet the needs of young mums who are moving on from the intensive supports of the Young Mums’ Program at Morgan House. Its role is to continue contributing to the young person’s hopes and aspirations and assist them to make a smooth transition to adulthood and self-sufficiency.

In general, these young women will have well developed life skills, and will be able to participate in programs aimed at maximising the potential benefits to their health, safety and wellbeing via a range of parenting and educational programs.

As a semi-independent, supportive transitional home, Catalina House provides immediate relief in the difficult situation of loss of support that may arise after moving from the Morgan House program. Catalina also provides opportunity for young mums to participate in additional parenting programs and lifeskills development until they are competent and confident in the parenting skills, and permanent accommodation is secured.