CHAMPS - Melton

Children and Mentally Ill Parents (CHAMPS) is a peer support program for the children of parents who have a mental illness or mental health issues.

Close up of teenage girl's face, mother slightly out of focus over her right shoulder.

The CHAMPS program includes a school holiday program, which helps facilitate parent/child communication about mental illness. The program works to create change in families by building on strengths and working towards agreed goals.

The program is held at Blackwood Drive Reserve, Melton South and runs during the September school holidays each year.

What we can offer:

The CHAMPS program:

  • facilitates discussion about mental illness and the impact on families using formats that are accessible to children
  • reduces isolation through peer support
  • provides opportunities to engage parents and carers
  • promotes parent/child communication about the parent’s mental illness and associated behaviours
  • promotes healthy coping strategies for children and young people
  • provides opportunities for respite for children and young people
  • provides opportunities for positive role modelling through the adult and peer leaders
  • encourages longer term interactions between participants through the exchange of contact details
  • promotes the use of localised community supports for families
  • builds on a child’s strengths and promote resilience by bolstering protective factors.

Who is eligible?

This program is for the children of parents with a mental illness. Children must be aged seven to 12 years and live in the local government area of Melton in Victoria.

The group is offered during September school holidays each year.

How to access this service:

Contact our Case Managers, Jemma Mahmut or Emma Bradshaw on (03) 8746 0500.