Circle of Security - Western Melbourne

Circle of Security parenting program looks at how parents can build their relationship with their children and enhance attachment.

Father feeding baby laying in his arms

Infants and children who have secure attachment to their primary caregiver can develop more resilience, better social and problem solving skills and higher self-esteem. This can assist children to maintain positive relationships throughout their lives. 

What we can offer:

This program runs for eight consecutive weeks, for two hours at a time, and supports parents of children all ages to:

  • learn and understand how to create a safe, nurturing and supportive environment for their children
  • recognise their strengths as parents and further strengthen their relationship with their children
  • recognise children’s behavioural cues and become more responsive to their children’s emotional needs.

Who is eligible?

These programs are targeted towards the parents of children up to five years who live in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.

How to access this service:

This program runs at various community locations across the western metropolitan suburbs of Melbourne. 

For further information and enrolment details please call (03) 9680 8444 or email