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Whistleblower Information

MacKillop’s mission and values underline our commitment to ensure all employees and those working with MacKillop feel safe and supported and know that MacKillop is working to maintain the highest standards of governance, compliance and ethical behaviour.

MacKillop is committed to preventing illegal, unethical or other undesirable conduct and has developed a Whistleblower Procedure which provides a way for employees, volunteers, suppliers, contractors or other eligible people to report their concerns confidentiality and outlines procedures on:

  • the types of matters eligible for whistleblower protection;
  • the protections available to whistleblowers;
  • to whom disclosures can be made, and how;
  • how MacKillop will support whistleblowers and protect them from detriment;
  • how MacKillop will investigate disclosures that qualify for protection; and
  • how MacKillop will ensure fair treatment of those to whom such disclosures relate.

If you have whistleblower information concerning MacKillop Family Services, please fill in and submit the form below.

If you would like us to respond to you, please include your name, contact number and/or email address.

MacKillop's whistleblower process is confidential. Any information you provide will not affect our commitment to providing a quality service to you and/or your family.