EMU Program - Geelong

The EMU (Education Mobile Unit) Program offers students an opportunity to develop their social and emotional learning and is based at MacKillop Education Services Geelong.

Women assists young boy with computer work.

EMU is offered to students in years four to eight. Students are enrolled for one term, with the potential to complete a follow-up term.

It is expected that a student will attend their mainstream school four days per week and attend the EMU Program one day per week.

The EMU Program operates on a small group principle (maximum of nine students per group) with two teachers.

What we can offer:

The EMU Program works with students to:

  • develop self-esteem and confidence
  • develop resilience and persistence
  • develop social skills
  • develop personal strengths
  • increase school attendance
  • enhance relationships with adults and peers
  • reduce anxiety.

Who is eligible?

Students are referred to the program by their host school and/or regional network.

This program is not suitable for students with severe behaviour and/or social and emotional challenges.

How to access this service:

For more information or to obtain referral and enrolment forms call (03) 5248 2557 or email educationservices@mackillop.org.au.