Family Options - Geelong

The Family Options program in Geelong, Victoria provides full-time and part-time care of children and young people with disabilities in a host family or alternative family situation for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Young women helping young girl smiling at camera

The program matches trained carers with young people who are unable to live full-time with their biological families due to a variety of reasons and provides a stable and nurturing alternative family for them to live with.

Placements are supported to ensure that these are individually tailored and responsive to the young person’s needs as well as being inclusive of biological families.

What we can offer:

  • matching of children and young people with suitable care-givers who have been specifically trained in the provision of out-of-home care and understand the needs of children and young people with disabilities
  • creative and flexible models of care (e.g. long-term, short-term, respite and shared care) which focus on social, emotional, educational and disability support needs of the young person
  • coordination of supports (case management) to provide support and guidance within the placement and to develop and implement Individual Support Plans (ISP).

Who is eligible?

  • children and young people with a NDIS approved support plan
  • children and young people with complex needs and disabilities who have been referred for supports through the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS).

How to access this service:

For program information contact the Family Options team on (03) 5278 9211

Due to the specialised nature of this program it can sometimes take time to arrange. The recruitment, training and matching of foster carers to the child or young person, and their family, is of paramount importance.

If you are interested in becoming a Family Options foster carer find out more here