First Call Foster Care

MacKillop Family Services is in the process of implementing an exciting new foster care model called First Call Foster Care.

Older carer with young girl standing beside hedge

First Call Foster Care is based on a stand-by approach where carers are part of a roster system to ensure that each evening and weekend children who are unable to live with their family because of a significant risk of harm have a home-based care placement available to them.

The First Call Foster Care model has been tested in other Victorian regions and shown to provide significant benefit to children who are at immediate risk of harm. MacKillop is implementing First Call Foster Care in the Barwon South West region.

Hear from MacKillop’s After Hours Manager about how this model can benefit children and young people. 

First Call Foster Care carers are rostered on for one week every month with three weeks off and the maximum length of stay within this model will be seven nights.

For each week a carer is on roster they receive a reimbursement whether they have a child in their care or not, with an additional supplement for each night a child is in care.

This new model is especially suitable for people who are not caring for other children or young people, who can commit to being available for 24 hours a day for the week they are on roster and who have a partner who can act as a supporting back-up carer.

MacKillop is currently recruiting and training First Call Foster Carers. Get in contact today to find out more and see how it would suit your lifestyle!

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