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Irene's Story

You can help a child to know that they are loved with your gift today.

Irene's Story

You can help a child to know that they are loved with your gift today.

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Children all across Australia are suffering abuse and neglect.

You can help these children recover and feel loved again.

There is something almost magical about hearing a child laugh, watching them play, and being able to give them unconditional love. Most people do everything they can to protect their children and help them grow up to have happy lives.

Unfortunately, not every child will get to have a happy life.

That’s because not every child will grow up in a loving, safe and nurturing home. Every day there are children right here in Australia growing up surrounded by fear, violence, neglect and abuse.

At MacKillop Family Services, we believe every child deserves a caring family, a safe home, and – most importantly – love.

That’s why we work hard to support people like Irene, who is doing everything humanly possible to provide her two granddaughters with a stable and safe home environment.

No child should experience what Irene’s granddaughters have gone through.

Her granddaughters had received no attention to their emotional and physical needs; no care towards their medical issues. They were frequently left unattended or in the company of strangers; and were exposed to adult behaviours.

Irene was not prepared for the trauma they had endured.

Today these beautiful girls live with nightmares, have difficulties establishing friendships, are behind in school, and sometimes deliberately harm themselves - all a result of their traumatic childhoods. But slowly, they are finding their confidence and re-building their self-esteem, thanks to the love of their grandmother and the practical support of MacKillop Family Services.

MacKillop Case Worker, Laura, has put Irene in contact with the right doctors and experts to work closely with the girls and address their behavioural issues; sometimes she even drives them to their appointments. She has organised school holiday programs including camps and day trips so the girls get to experience the joys of childhood.

When Laura visits Irene’s home, she checks on the girls’ schooling and works closely with their teachers so they receive the extra support and tuition they need. And she continues to work steadily with the entire family, providing counselling which helps them better cope with their trauma.

Your gift, no matter how large or small, will help children who have faced unimaginable trauma to have the opportunity to just be children again. You can provide children and families with access to quality therapeutic programs, support services, and MacKillop caseworkers so they can begin to heal and rebuild their fractured lives.

Please give today.

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Laura is our Case Worker, and in all honestly, we wouldn’t know what to do and who to turn to when our girls need help if it wasn’t for her and MacKillop.

– Irene, grandmother
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