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You can help children and young people to get the best start in life by re-engaging with education, with a gift that will be tripled.

Paws4Kids supports our Paw Pals education program, using therapy dogs to support kids who’ve experienced abuse, neglect or other childhood trauma to heal and learn again.

To keep this essential program going, and to help many more vulnerable children, we need your help! This program is 100% community funded and relies on generous donors, people just like you. And, if you donate to Paws4Kids, you can have triple the impact. On the Wednesday 22 April, our generous partners will triple your donation until we reach our goal of $300,000.

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Watch this video to find out how our therapy dog, Indie, is helping 9-year-old Lilly to focus and learn.

Note: With schools now shifting to online learning due to COVID-19, our therapy dogs are continuing to work with students virtually. For disengaged students, having the stability of these weekly check ins with their furry friends is even more important, as it will provide routine, keep them engaged with school and provide them with much needed emotional support.

Education provides children with hope and opportunity. This program is providing those that need it most the chance to re-engage with school and complete their education, which is something many people take for granted. Donating to this initiative helps those that may feel the world has forgotten about them know that people do care.

– Lara Shannon - Pooches at Play Presenter & Paws4Kids Ambassador
Lara Shannon And Dynamite Darcy

Special thanks to our generous supporters: