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Leave a Gift in Your Will

By including MacKillop Family Services in your Will, you leave a gift for tomorrow’s families.

You will help keep future generations of Australian children safe. You will help young people who have experienced trauma to recover and thrive. And you will help vulnerable families achieve stability. Together we can change the future.

We are not wealthy, but we have always had enough to get by and had a very happy family life. Our home has been a secure place and our children have always been loved. We are blessed and I want to give something back to those who haven’t been as lucky as us.

– Christine Sellar, MacKillop donor who included us in her Will

The Power of Gifts in Wills

A Will allows you to protect your family and loved ones and to make a difference to the lives of others, long after you are gone. Everyone should have an up-to-date Will.

If you die without making a Will, and do not leave any eligible relatives, the government may receive the proceeds of your estate. So it’s important that your Will clearly states how you want your estate distributed.

We recommend that you seek advice from a qualified solicitor or legal practitioner to ensure your wishes are clearly stated, and legally binding. We also suggest that you consider your family and loved ones first, and discuss your intentions with them to ensure that your wishes will be honoured.

A gift in your Will to MacKillop Family Services will be invested immediately and live on in perpetuity, with the income generated funding our work. So you can be assured that your generosity and compassion will continue to foster hope and promote justice for future generations of vulnerable children, young people and families.

To maximise the impact of your gift, leaving the residue or a percentage of your estate means your gift will retain its value over time, regardless of inflation, while enabling you to put the needs of your family first. You can read more about the different types of bequests below.

To have a confidential conversation about including us in your Will, please get in touch with James on the details below.

Would you like us to contact you directly?

If you would like us to contact you with more information about leaving a gift in your Will, you can request a call back or email via the form below.

Leave James a message and let him know if you prefer a phone call or email.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a variety of bequest clauses but the following is the one most used for a general bequest:

“I give, devise and bequeath to MacKillop Family Services Limited (237 Cecil Street, South Melbourne, ABN 79 078 299 288),

  • The residue of my estate, or
  • X Percentage of my estate, or
  • the sum of $ [insert the relevant amount], and/or
  • Items from my estate.

for its general purposes, free from all duties, deductions and charges. The receipt of an authorised officer of MacKillop Family Services Limited shall constitute a full and sufficient discharge of executor’s duties.”

There are several types of gifts - it is important to consider the type you wish to leave to MacKillop Family Services in your Will.

Residual gifts are often best for everyone as they mean you can consider your family first, but that your gift maintains the relative value and automatically adjusts to any changes in the value of your estate.

However, you can choose to give:

  1. A percentage of the value of your estate
  2. The residue of the estate, or what is left after your family and other beneficiaries have been provided for
  3. A specified amount of money
  4. Specific items such as shares, insurance policies or property
  5. Conditional – a provision that if any specific bequest cannot be carried out (e.g. if a beneficiary has passed away) that asset will be donated to MacKillop Family Services.

We recommend that you seek professional advice in draft your Will, but some recommended wording to discuss with them is available in the above FAQ. You can find a legal professional through the Law Society or Institute in your state or territory.

If you have included MacKillop Family Services in your Will, we hope you will choose to let us know!

Please ring us on 1300 218 935 or email, or download and complete the form here and post it to us.

Knowing of your bequest will help ensure that we can continue to work with the disadvantaged for generations to come. It also means we can thank you personally for your generosity and invite you to join Margaret’s Circle, a group of individuals who have joined you in taking this remarkable step, named in recognition of the largest direct gift in a Will received by MacKillop Family Services.

As a member you will be invited to exclusive events where you can meet our staff and take an inside look at the work being carried out by MacKillop Family Services today.