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Disability Volunteers

Disability volunteers provide vital support for young people living with a disability, and their families.

Our disability volunteers provide either individual, group or at-home support for families and young people living with a disability. This support helps to maximise a young person’s independence, build their confidence and create connections within their local community.

In return for your commitment, we provide training, supervision and support and specific guidance when required.

We offer three disability volunteer roles to support young people and families living in Melbourne’s metropolitan north-west region.

Youth mentor

Youth mentors provide one-to-one support to ensure young people stay connected to their local community. Your role will be dependent on what the person’s goals are and could include:

  • support with self-care and education
  • accessing recreational activities
  • providing friendship and/or respite for the family.

Ideally, you will have a good understanding of the developmental needs of young people with a disability.

Group work volunteer

We are always looking for volunteers to accompany children and young people with a disability on community-based activities. These activities usually run during school holiday periods and include day outings and/or overnight camps.

In return for your commitment, we provide training, supervision and support and specific guidance when required.

In-home support volunteer

Caring for a child or young person with a disability at home can be challenging for many families. Some become disconnected from their local community, while the demands at times can lead to family breakdown.

Our in-home support volunteers play an important role in giving families additional support in their caring role. As an in-home volunteer, your role may include:

  • interacting with children including assisting with reading and homework tasks
  • providing emotional support and companionship
  • working with the family to assist with managing the home. This may include helping parents establish good routines, preparing the child for school, planning after school activities, help with household tasks.

For further information about our disability volunteer roles, contact MacKillop's Volunteer Resource Worker or complete the enquiry form below.

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