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Family support volunteer

Volunteers provide support, guidance, and companionship to individuals, parents, and families.

Family Support Volunteers are paired with vulnerable community members in Western Melbourne as part of MacKillop's Family Resource Service. Volunteers help to improve the independence and capacity of families and individuals by supporting them in their homes and the community.

By connecting a volunteer with an individual or family, we aim to:

  • increase community engagement and decrease social isolation
  • support the development of life skills and the ability to live more independently
  • participate in meaningful activities that promote joy and expand on life experiences.

The goal of the volunteer and parent relationship is to:

  • provide connection through regular visits
  • provide emotional support by being a good listener
  • offer practical support to decrease the parent's workload.

By connecting a volunteer to an individual or family, we hope to:

  • decrease the social isolation of families
  • broaden the family's experience of caring relationships
  • increase the self-esteem and self-confidence of family members through the experience of an affirming friendship
  • assist the family to function more effectively.

Volunteers are matched with families and tasks according to the needs of individuals and families, and the experiences, interests, and availability of volunteers.

In addition to supporting individuals, parents and families, volunteers may be asked to support MacKillop with events, activities and group work. For example:

  • set up and assist in running activities and stalls at MacKillop and external venues
  • providing support to professionals who are running training programs or support groups.

MacKillop supports volunteers including:

  • before commencing, MacKillop will provide extensive training and support to ensure volunteers feel ready to start in their role
  • MacKillop provides regular check-ins and supervision
  • MacKillop provides practical means such as access to a car and funds or vouchers to cover activities.

If you have any questions about the role, please contact Lisa Quinney, Volunteer Coordinator at

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