Implementing the Sanctuary Model in Schools

The Sanctuary Institute Australia is committed to supporting schools implement and sustain the Sanctuary in Schools model through an individualised training and consultation plan.  School leaders or teachers may be introduced to the Sanctuary Model and its relevance and alignment to Australian school standards and requirements, through a presentation by a Sanctuary Institute Education Consultant in your school or one of our Sanctuary-based Professional Learning Seminars. In consultation with the Sanctuary Institute, School Leaders may decide from a range of professional learning or levels of implementation, what ‘Creating Sanctuary’ in your own school will look like.

Sanctuary In Schools - Full Implementation

A Sanctuary Institute Australia Education Consultant supports your school throughout the phases of implementation, which progressively align the practices, attitudes and philosophies of Sanctuary’s trauma-informed approach with those of your school. This typically occurs over three years and includes: a Diagnostic Assessment, Five Day Training, On-site Consultation, Phone Consultation, Guides and Manuals and Certification (optional).

Engagement, embedding and evaluation phases of implementing Sanctuary in School

Sanctuary Education Partnerships, Clusters and Networks

The Sanctuary in Schools Model has been successfully implemented across diverse public school districts in the US and due to its values and knowledge base, it affords groups of schools, connected by geographic location, demographics, culture or religious background, a powerful means of collaborating to improve the culture of wellbeing and learning in many schools, while providing opportunities to pool resources and share expertise.

The Sanctuary Institute Australia can provide Sanctuary In Schools Professional Learning Seminars in regional locations and will work with groups of schools to design implementation proposals to meet a variety of needs, from training to full implementation of a Sanctuary Education Network.

Sanctuary Education Network

A ‘Sanctuary Education Network’ is a trauma-informed, stress-responsive, place-based, culturally and diversity-sensitive collaborative partnership between schools, government or independent education bodies and the Sanctuary Institute Australia. This partnership could be a mix of primary, secondary or tertiary education services. The Sanctuary Education Network would ensure that congruent, trauma-informed philosophy and practices are established and sustained across multiple education sites in a community, supporting schools and teachers to meet the range of educational and wellbeing needs of all their students, particularly those most vulnerable or at risk of disengagement from education.

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