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Implementing Sanctuary

The Sanctuary Model is implemented through a collaborative three year process, led by a steering group and core team from your organisation, instructed by the Sanctuary Professional Learning Program for all staff and supported by a MacKillop Family Services' Institute Faculty consultant, to build on the strengths of your organisation.

Full Sanctuary implementation

MacKillop Family Services' Institute supports your organisation through a series of steps, which progressively align the practices, attitudes and philosophies of Sanctuary’s trauma-informed approach with those of your organisation.

  1. Diagnostic Assessment
  2. The Five Day Training
  3. On-site Consultation
  4. Phone Consultation
  5. Guides and Manuals
  6. Become an accredited Sanctuary organisation

We understand this is a significant undertaking and therefore we offer a range of professional learning options. Each option can be delivered as stand-alone learning experience or combined to gain a greater understanding of the Sanctuary Model and its benefits.

Learning options

MacKillop Family Services' Institute provides a range of cultural and trauma-informed professional learning and consultation options to organisations to

  • build a culture of safety and wellbeing
  • increase staff trauma-informed knowledge and practice
  • implement sustainable change with fidelity
  • become an accredited Sanctuary organisation

Professional learning programs are flexible and can be tailored to your resources and context. Options include:

Taster Presentation

Up to two-hour presentation for Boards, Senior Executives, Managers and general staff. The Sanctuary Model’s basic elements are outlined, including some examples of how it is used in Australia Written information, and the evidence base for the model is provided in these sessions.

Introductory professional learning

For groups and individuals interested in learning more about trauma-informed care and how Sanctuary tools are used to increase staff and client safety and healing. Organisation-based professional learning provides a more in-depth understanding of the Sanctuary Model, for organisations to increase trauma-informed knowledge and practice of their staff.

Full Implementation (may include certification)

A staged approach that builds on your organisational strengths and context to align Sanctuary’s trauma-informed practices, attitudes and philosophy to your organisation through:

  • needs assessment
  • intensive learning and skill development
  • on-site and phone consultations
  • Sanctuary guides and manuals
  • Sanctuary Certification (Optional).

Sanctuary factsheets

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