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ReLATE: Reframing Learning and Teaching Environments

ReLATE is a model that supports a school or system to create the preconditions for improved teaching, learning and wellbeing.

ReLATE combines educational research, social science, behavioural theory and neuroscience and applies a trauma informed lens, to bring practical strategies to schools to embed in their daily practice. ReLATE positions schools and systems, to create safe, supportive and predictable environments, enhance teachers’ understanding and responses to behaviour and improve student learning and wellbeing outcomes.

ReLATE was developed in Australia by MacKillop Family Services, drawing on the practice model implemented in our schools and delivered by The MacKillop Institute. At its core, ReLATE promotes transformational relationships, not only for students, but also for school leaders, teachers and other staff working with children, young people and families.

The ReLATE model is a commitment, as a school community or system, to sustainable and positive cultural change.

Within ReLATE, wellbeing is understood as an essential pre-condition for quality teaching and learning. Safe, predictable and supportive learning environments are created and maintained in classrooms where students are not just known, but deeply understood. School leaders and staff are supported both on their professional learning and development journey and in their wellbeing.

For more information or to start your ReLATE journey download your ReLATE Guide now.

Upcoming ReLATE events

MacKillop Institute offer two types of ReLATE learning opportunities: Introduction sessions and Foundation Days.

Foundation Days

The RELATE Foundation Day event runs for two days and provides teachers and school leaders with an introduction to ReLATE’s four foundational concepts.

Introduction sessions

MacKillop's ReLATE Introduction Sessions are free briefings that provides opportunities for questions about the model and its implementation in schools nationwide.

Since participating in the ReLATE model, there has been far less reactivity with incidents and more tolerance, modifying our expectations of certain children and families to align to their needs.

– Pilot school teacher

We’ve always been very conscious of the wellbeing of everyone in our school community. Since introducing the ReLATE program we can see it recognises the inter-relationship between the adults and the children within the school community. ReLATE builds community and builds a feeling that people care about each other on a personal level not just colleagues or student peers - it goes deeper than that.

– Helen Healy, Principal

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