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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about our Reframing Learning and Teaching environments (ReLATE) Professional Learning model.

Drawing together a robust body of research, the ReLATE model has four foundational concepts:

  1. Safety
    ReLATE recognises safety as an essential pre-condition for quality teaching and learning.
  2. A counter-stress school environment
    ReLATE fosters wellbeing by actively counteracting stress, through congruent, trauma-informed policies and practices, that empower communication and promote self-regulation.
  3. Enhanced teaching and learning
    ReLATE is guided by neuroscience and enhances teaching and learning and encourages staff to use repeated, supportive actions.
  4. Sustainable whole school culture change
    ReLATE is guided by trauma-informed research and evidence that integrates our understanding of organisational culture change, resilience, adversity, mindset, and collective efficacy.

Through ReLATE, education professionals will have access to four full days of professional learning, run by our highly skilled trainers. Your staff will also be equipped with practical tools to implement in the classroom, including:

  • Self-regulation plans to de-escalate challenging behaviours for both students and staff
  • Traffic light identification enabling us to discuss critical incidents, proactively and with a degree of urgency and priority order
  • Debriefing and communication strategies, giving staff a process to mitigate abusive behaviours or mistreatment

ReLATE walks leaders through cultural change processes, supporting them to translate knowledge into meaningful action. Through the implementation cycle, our consultants support school leaders with school level data, building transferable capabilities to answer to critical questions, such as:

  1. Are we truly making a difference in the teaching, learning and wellbeing domains?
  2. How do we know?
  3. What is the evidence of meaningful impact?

Through ReLATE schools can expect to see happier, more connected and engaged students, staff and school communities, as is measured throughout implementation. Schools and systems can expect a shift in their culture and attitudes and strengthened responses from teachers to student behaviour – all of which create the pre-conditions for improved learning and wellbeing outcomes.

Within the ReLATE model students are cared for and mentored in a safe environment, where they feel understood and their thoughts and feelings are validated. Through ReLATE students are empowered to be part of the change and growth. Strengthened relationships and high gain teaching strategies support students to develop insight and resilience and enrich their wellbeing and their engagement in learning.

ReLATE supports schools to reduce behavioural incidents, shifting the focus from reactive to aspirational. Calm environments translate to improved wellbeing for students and staff and free time to focus on new areas for growth and improvement. Through ReLATE your school or system will become trauma aware and best positioned to meet the diverse needs of your community.

For more information or to start your ReLATE journey download your ReLATE Guide now.