Irene's story

You can help a child grow up in a safe, nurturing and loving home this Christmas.

You can help a child grow up in a safe, nurturing and loving home this Christmas.

Christmas can be a wonderful time for children. There is something most magical seeing children’s faces light up with excitement at the thought of Santa Claus visiting them, the joy of unwrapping gifts Christmas morning, and the laughter that comes with long Summer holidays.

But unfortunately not every child gets to enjoy Christmas. Not every child has somebody to love them.

Irene is an amazing grandmother who will do anything for her two beautiful granddaughters. Hurt in the care of their parents who were unable to keep them safe, Irene immediately took on the responsibility of caring for the two girls with love and gentleness.

MacKillop Family Services has supported Irene through every step of caring for her granddaughters. You can read more about Irene and her two granddaughters.

We exist to support, foster hope and promote justice for children like Jessie and Anna, and for people like Irene, who have experienced distress, disadvantage and abuse.

Our Case Workers know what children and families need. They listen deeply and respond with real solutions that create meaningful change.

For Irene and her two granddaughters our Case Worker, Laura, put them in contact with the right General Practitioners and medical experts so they could work closely with the girls to help them overcome their trauma.

Every fortnight Laura visits Irene and the girls, to listen to their concerns and problems and to provide them with consistent support that helps them both emotionally and practically.

Laura organises camps and day outings for the two girls through our MacKillop Holiday Program so they can experience the joys of childhood while giving them the tools they need to learn to engage with other children.

And she monitors their schooling, working with their teachers so the girls receive the extra support and tuition they need to catch up.

Our staff go above and beyond the call of duty to provide the best care and support to families like Irene’s.

We are here to go on the journey with families like Irene’s and help them for as long as they need. But we need your support.

Your donation, no matter how large or small, will help children who have faced unimaginable trauma to receive some Christmas cheer and joy.

Donate now and let a child know that somebody loves them this Christmas.

You can read more about Irene and her heartwarming story of love for her two granddaughters here.