Learn Sanctuary

Becoming an accredited Sanctuary organisation is achieved through a process of training and consultation. These services are delivered by a dedicated experienced faculty member of the Sanctuary Institute Australia, in collaboration with a steering group and core team from your organisation. Sanctuary Training Programs are tailored to fit the specific contexts and resources of your organisation. 

Commitment to a three year journey to fully implement the Sanctuary Model and become a certified organisation is a significant decision. Members of your organisation may be introduced to the Sanctuary Model and its relevance to their work through a seminar or presentation by a Sanctuary Institute Consultant. A range of Sanctuary training options have been developed to lead your staff towards creating Sanctuary in their own workplace.

All elements of the Sanctuary Professional Learning Program are designed to be stand-alone and also build towards creating a Sanctuary Organisation. Contact Sanctuary Institute Australia for more information about any of these training courses or to discuss your school’s professional learning needs on (03) 9699 9177 or sanctuary@mackillop.org.au.

National tour of The Sanctuary Model In Context 

A two-day Seminar, repeated in every capital city and territory, will explore how the Sanctuary Model creates a culture of safety, wellbeing and growth for children, families and staff.

One of the innovative elements of this professional learning is that it is designed to bring together people from across our communities who work with complex children, young people and families. Over the two days these groups will work together to understand The Sanctuary Model theory, values and frameworks.  On Day Two in their professional disciplines, participants will learn how to apply The Sanctuary Model in their context.

This seminar is relevant for schools and community services organisations. Teachers, School Leaders, Chaplains and Wellbeing coordinators; Early Childhood organisations; Child, youth, and family community service organisations; Disability organisations; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community organisations; Youth Mental Health services; Youth Justice organisations; and Local Councils and State Departments responsible for the wellbeing of children and families should attend.

This program meets the requirements for provisional or full teacher registration for 14 hours of Professional Learning in every Australian state. Teachers will be able to demonstrate increased knowledge and proficiency on Standard 1 and 4 of Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (AITSL).

For more information and to register, click here.

Sanctuary Model

Sanctuary Taster Presentation

This presentation is provided by a senior member of the Sanctuary Institute Australia (usually 2 hours). It can be targeted to any or all Boards, Senior Executives, Managers and general staff groups. The presentation outlines the basic elements of the Model and how it has been used across a wide range of organisations, across the world, but particularly in Australia. Written information, in addition to that on the website, is available at these sessions.

Introductory Sanctuary Training (2 days)

For groups and individuals who are interested in learning more about Sanctuary and how to use it to provide safety for staff and clients.

Sanctuary Model Training for Organisations (3 days)

More in-depth training in the Sanctuary Model, usually for individual organisations, wishing to increase trauma-informed knowledge and practice of their staff.

Sanctuary Model Full Implementation (may include Certification)

The Australian Faculty of the Sanctuary Institute supports your organisation through a series of steps, which progressively align the practices, attitudes and philosophies of Sanctuary’s trauma-informed approach with your organisation. This includes (over three years) Diagnostic Assessment, Five Day Training, On-site Consultation, Phone Consultation, Guides and Manuals and Certification.

Sanctuary In Schools Model

Sanctuary In Schools Introduction

This presentation is provided by a Sanctuary Institute Australia Education Consultant (usually 2 hours), and can be targeted to Boards/Councils, School Leaders and/or general staff groups. The presentation outlines the basic elements of the Sanctuary Model, how it can be implemented in education settings in Australia and what the benefits will be. Written information in addition to that on the website is available at these sessions.

Trauma Informed Practice in schools (One day)

This one day seminar is presented by a Sanctuary Institute Australia Education Consultant and provides and introduction to why trauma informed practice is needed in schools. Participants come away with an overview of trauma theory and its impact on the developing brain, as well as the impact of trauma on adults working in highly stressful roles and on the whole school. Some trauma-sensitive Sanctuary tools for responding to and reducing trauma-based behaviours are explored.

Sanctuary In Schools: Creating a Culture of Safety, Wellbeing and Learning for all (Two days)

This general educator professional learning program is for school leaders and staff who want to improve learning and wellbeing, not only in their classrooms, but across the whole school – creating a culture in which learning and wellbeing for students and staff flourish. School structures and systemic requirements may present hurdles rather than creating pathways to positive growth and change. Requirements of the Australian Professional Teaching Standards, are explored through a trauma lens, to show what practice is needed to create a Sanctuary culture of safety and wellbeing in schools, keeping growth and change - of students, teachers and school leaders at the heart of the two days.

The Sanctuary In Schools Model (2 days plus 3 Masterclasses)

This intensive professional learning program, conducted over two days and three masterclasses covers the full Sanctuary Model as adapted for the Australian Education context. This program would suit schools wishing to increase and sustain the shared trauma-informed knowledge and practice of their whole staff, without committing to full implementation of the Sanctuary In Schools Model. Schools may still decided to fully implement the Sanctuary Professional Learning and Consultation Model after having completed this initial Sanctuary Model professional learning program. The program of two full days and three masterclasses has been designed to provide rigorous engagement of whole school staff groups while attending to school timetables and can be tailored to suit the professional development schedules of individual schools.

Sanctuary In Schools - Full Implementation - See how the Sanctuary in Schools Model is fully implemented here.