A life changing decision brings joy for new foster carers

Posted on 5 Mar 2015

Natalie and Bob live in Albion Park with their two biological children in their early teens. Eight months ago they became foster carers with MacKillop Family Services and from that time have been caring for young twins.

There is currently an urgent need for more foster carers across the Illawarra / Shoalhaven, with many local kids being placed in inappropriate accommodation as a result.

New carer Natalie is appealing for more people to break the mould and consider long-term foster caring with MacKillop Family Services.

“Some of my friends have said that our foster children couldn’t have come to a better family, that the kids are so lucky”, said Natalie. “But we are the lucky ones. We feel we have been so enriched as a family by having these little ones in our lives.”

“The best thing is seeing how much foster care can change a child’s life. Our foster children have changed so much in the last eight months it’s amazing. They now feel as though they are part of a family and have a sense of belonging.”

MacKillop foster carers have varied backgrounds, lifestyles and family situations. But all share a passion for improving the lives of children and young people.

“There are challenges but the key is to open your heart”, said Natalie. “If you are considering being a foster carer please get in touch with an agency like MacKillop. We need more great foster carers in the community.”

MacKillop provides all foster carers with ongoing support, training and regular breaks.

To find out more about becoming a MacKillop foster carer please call 1300 791 677 or visit mackillop.org.au/fostercare.

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