Single Dad a champion foster carer

Posted on 11 Mar 2015

Geoff Tanzer, a 45-year-old single carer living in Tura Beach, is a long-term carer for a 16-year old boy… and Wolf the cat.

Geoff is appealing for more people to break the mould and consider long-term foster caring with MacKillop Family Services.

“I had worked at various jobs in community services and really enjoyed helping and working with young people”, said Geoff. “It gave me the idea to be a foster carer. I researched it online and talked to my family. We decided initially to assist through respite care, short-term and emergency caring.

“Being a foster carer has been the most satisfying and important thing I have done in my life.

“Don’t be scared to help our young people. If you are even remotely considering it you already have the right heart and mindset to do it. And you are not alone, supported the whole time by MacKillop.”

MacKillop foster carers have varied backgrounds, lifestyles and family situations. But all share a passion for improving the lives of children and young people.

“You just need to have a heart and want to help protect our young people, give them love and a safe happy home so they can look toward their future without the worry of not belonging”, said Geoff.

MacKillop provides all foster carers with ongoing support, training and regular breaks.

To find out more about becoming a MacKillop foster carer please call 1300 791 677 or visit

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