We look a little different...but we haven't changed

Posted on 4 May 2018

If you’ve visited before, you may notice MacKillop Family Services looks a little different. But rest assured our services haven’t changed, and nor has our single-minded commitment to empowering children and families.

We believe every child deserves the best, and the best place for any child is in a supportive and nurturing family where they can heal from past trauma and develop to their potential.

Our work is about providing love, trust and support in safe environments, so that all children, young people and families can awaken hope in their minds and have a sense of belonging and identity.

Just like our founders – the three Catholic congregations which came together in 1997 to become the organisation we know today – we are deeply committed to our work and driven by social justice.

From this foundation, we continuously look for new ways to progress our programs and services based on the latest evidence, and we work with organisations, governments and communities to make these changes happen.

Thank you for your interest in our work. We believe it takes all of us to create meaningful change, and we look forward to continuing to work with you.