Morgan House

Young woman with her baby sitting on her lap, both are looking happily at the camera.

The Morgan House Young Mums' Program is unique and is currently one of the only services in Australia providing pre and postnatal care to pregnant and parenting young women who are involved with the Child Protection System. 

Operating as a specialist accommodation and support service, with 24-hour, live-in house parents, Morgan House was developed in response to the growing number of high-risk, pregnant and/or parenting young women in the Child Protection system.

Morgan house has been specifically designed to cater for and support at-risk pregnant or parenting teenagers. Particular consideration has been given to creating an environment conducive to running programs that are supported within a positive parenting framework, while incorporating the equipment and facilities needed to raise a child.

Morgan House operates in a manner as close to a normal home as possible and has been carefully designed to consider aspects that contribute to a warm, homely and safe environment. Each young mother has her own bedroom, as well as access to a private area which can be used for activities such as feeding, play, access visits with family and programs.