Out-of-Home Care Material

MacKillop Family Services is one of Victoria's largest providers of out-of-home care. We also provide out-of-home care services in New South Wales and Western Australia.

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MacKillop is an active contributor to policy development on improving out-of-home care for children and young people - contributing to journals and conferences on this topic.

MacKillop has also made contributions to inquiries into historic out-of-home care practices and our commitment to supporting former residents.

The organisation's policy and research informs our advocacy with the aim to improving the system for all. 

Promoting safe and respectful relationships for young people in care

This paper was prepared for the 'Breaking the Cycle' initiative, a research and practice development partnership between the University of Melbourne and MacKillop Family Services. Dr Gemma McKibbin is leading the development of an intervention to respond to sexual exploitation and sexually harmful behaviour in out-of-home care.  Read more

Submission on Out-of-Home Care to the Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs (2014)

This submission was prepared in response to the Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs inquiry into Out-of-Home Care in November 2014.  Read more

Submission to Systemic Inquiry Sexual Abuse and Sexual Exploitation (2014)

This is MacKillop's response to the Commissioner for Children and Young People's Inquiry into the provision of services for children and young people who have been subjected to sexual exploitation or sexual abuse while residing in residential care.  Read more

Child Protection: Legislative Reform Legislative Proposals Discussion Paper (2013)

MacKillop's submission to the New South Wales Statutory Child Protection Branch, in response to a discussion paper on child protection law reform.  Read more

The Role of Out-of-Home Care in Criminal Justice Outcomes (2013)

This piece, originally published in VCOSS Insight magazine and looks at the connection between out-of-home care and the criminal justice system for young people in care.  Read more

Feedback from Vulnerable Children and Young People: How Do You Start a Conversation? (2013)

This piece was originally published in Developing Practice: The Child, Youth and Family Work Journal and focusses on MacKillop's mechanisms for gathering feedback from children and young people in care.  Read more

Submission to Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Non-Government Organisations (2012)

MacKillop contributed to the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the handling of child abuse. This is our submission to that inquiry.  Read more

Strengthening Kinship Families: The Role of Respite Care (2012)

This report includes collected practice wisdom and research evidence that can be used in practical ways to support kinship carers.   Read more

Protecting Victoria's Vulnerable Children Inquiry (2011)

MacKillop's submission to the ground-breaking inquiry into services in Victoria for vulnerable children and young people.  Read more