Portland House Foundation

When Portland House Foundation Executive Director Genevieve Timmons (below left, with Tuning In To Kids coordinator Judy Cain) read about Tuning In To Kids, a collaboration between MacKillop Family Services and Mindful at The University of Melbourne, she was certain it was worth investing in.

Having herself experienced the positive outcome that comes from awareness raising, information sharing and family empowerment, she knew that the program would have a significant impact on the lives of the disadvantaged families participating.

This program is about parents equipping themselves for their own lives to be more the parents they want to be and need to be with more information. It encourages them to believe in themselves.”  

Tuning In To Kids, a 10 week parenting course providing parents with the tools to better understand and respond to the needs of their children, was translated into five community languages from funding received from Portland House. 

The community languages modules were launched at a seminar in late 2010, and Genevieve reflects that the success of the day was indicative of how a small project can propel into a lifechanging initiative. 

To see that such a small grant resulted in that big room at the launch being filled with people… peers wanting to learn about the program so that they could go on and teach it…shows the ripple effect of something incredible.” 

With Tuning In To Kids people are being assisted to lead their own advancement and their assets are being recognised… it just shows that money is only of value when well spent.” 

Tuning In To Kids is available in Amharic, Arabic, Somali and Vietnamese.