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The Family Preservation Service works with vulnerable families dealing with complex issues like family violence, substance abuse and/or mental health illness, parenting, relationship difficulties and disability.

Where such issues are identified by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Child Protection, parents can be referred to the Family Preservation Service.

MacKillop provides the service to families with children aged from birth to 17 years living in Melbourne’s metropolitan western region.

We offer:

  • support to develop positive parent-child relationships
  • individual/family counselling
  • household management strategies
  • guidance to create a safe, nurturing home environment
  • access to supportive cultural and community groups and services
  • group work for children, parents, women, men and couples
  • individual assistance and support for children with school related difficulties.

Our aim is to make it easy for families to use the service with flexible in-home visits that fit with family routines. Support can be tailored to each family’s needs.

How to access this service

Family Preservation is available by referral only from the Department of Health and Human Services’ Child Protection. Families must consent to a referral being made to the service.