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Young people can become homeless for many reasons: it may be because of a family relationship breakdown and/or conflict with their parents.

Our Homeless Youth Assistance Program (HYAP) offers early intervention support and accommodation to assist young people who find themselves homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless.

HYAP is available to young people aged 12–15 years who live in the local government areas of:

  • Auburn
  • Blacktown
  • Cumberland
  • Parramatta
  • Hills Shire

The program works with a team which consists of the HYAP Team leader, Case Worker, Youth Worker and therapeutic specialists. The HYAP Team leader and Case Worker support the young person therapeutically and place them in a home with specialised foster carers. The youth worker provides psychosocial support and the therapeutic specialists offer family therapy to sustain the young person’s placement with family.

The primary objective of the HYAP program is family restoration and this is achieved through supporting young people to transition to family (if safe) through a restoration plan.

We work to address the causes of their homelessness, with the aim of re-connecting them back to their family, education and community. Ideally, the young person will go back to their family home, however if that’s not safe, we will assist them to find alternate accommodation.

How to access this service

HYAP is available by referral and self-referral. For more information please contact MacKillop’s Sydney office.