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Recent changes to foster care in New South Wales are enabling more children to return home to their families, whilst providing more long-term and permanent homes for children where this is not possible.

When a child enters foster care in New South Wales, our immediate priority is to place them in a safe and nurturing home. MacKillop works with families for up to two years to support children to return home, and for a further six months if this reunification takes place.

If returning home is not an option, we focus on ensuring children have a stable and permanent home. This can take place through a guardianship order which provides stability for children, without changing the legal relationship to their birth families. Read more about the role of guardians here.

Sometimes guardianship is not appropriate, but adoption may be considered. Unlike guardianship, adoption does change the legal relationship of the child to their birth family. MacKillop works with Family and Community Services and accredited assessors to complete adoption assessments. Read more about adoption here.

MacKillop is committed to following the Aboriginal Placement principles for any Aboriginal children placed within our programs and work closely with our Aboriginal partners in making placement decisions.

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