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The Safe Relationships program supports young people who have a history of, or are at risk of, using violence at home or in a dating context, to reduce their use of violence and support therapeutic healing.

The program works with adolescents aged 10-17, alongside their parents or carers, to acknowledge the difficult circumstances that lead to the use of violence, whilst also supporting individuals to take responsibility for this behaviour, and the harm it causes. The Safe Relationships program works together with existing case managers to help young people develop safe and respectful relationships. The model aims to end violence and increase safety by strengthening family relationships and creating a web of responsibility.

Eligibility and referrals

We support children and adolescents who:

  • are between the age of 10-17
  • reside in Melbourne’s Metro West or North Regions
  • are using, or are at risk of using, violence in the home environment, or
  • are using, or are at risk of using, violence in a dating context
  • show some:
    • insight into the impact of their use of violence
    • desire to change
    • willingness to engage
  • will present in a safe manner while engaged
  • have an adult who is legally able to and willing to consent to the young person’s engagement in the Safe Relationships program
  • have at least one adult family member or carer who is willing to engage in the program alongside the young person
  • parents and expectant parents will be prioritised
  • are supported by case management

How to access this service

At this stage, referrals can only be made by MacKillop Family Services’ case managers, family services employees or coordinators for the Metro North, Metro West, Brimbank and Melton regions. We are now also accepting referrals from external agencies. Please contact Megan Port to make a referral or for more information.