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During times of crisis, families may need support to care for their children. Crises include family sickness including hospitalisation, bereavement, or situations that place the family under stress. When parents find themselves in crisis, we will arrange an assessment visit and a Family Support Worker will come to the family’s home to care for the children.

Services may include:

  • In-home child-care
  • Transport to school or day-care
  • Helping prepare meals for the children
  • Washing/bathing the children
  • Additional practical support as determined upon assessment

Our aim is to support families to be resilient in the face of crisis, recover from these events with a renewed sense of trust in their community and community-based services, and develop stronger links to early intervention support, referral and education services.

What a wonderful service. The Family support workers were so lovely, and just knew what to do – I felt very confident that my children were in good hand

– Service user

How to access the service

This service is available to families in Bunbury and in the Shires of Capel, Dardanup, Harvey, Collie, Busselton and Donnybrook/Balingup. There is a fee schedule based on family income however no family will be denied service due to an inability to pay.

To arrange an assessment, please contact us directly.