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MacKillop has a proud history of contributing to social policy debate in a range of areas. Here are some of our past contributions.

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Lead Tenant Services: A Bridge to Leaving Care (2010)

Originally published in Parity magazine (the Council for Homeless Persons' (CHP) national publication examining homelessness from personal, local, social, national and global perspectives), on MacKillop's lead tenant program and preparation for leaving care.  Read more

Response to 'Pathway to Re-engagement Through Flexible Learning Options: A Policy Direction for Consultation' (2010)

MacKillop Family Services welcomes the opportunity to respond to the discussion paper 'Pathways to re-engagement through flexible learning options: a policy direction for consultation'. The development of clear policy is timely as it will bring together a range of initiatives focusing on improving the educational pathways and outcomes for vulnerable children and young people.  Read more

Response to Green Paper on Homelessness (2008)

This was MacKillop?s submission on the 2008 Commonwealth Green Paper on Homelessness.  Read more

Beyond the Home Gates: Life After Growing up in Catholic Institutions (2008)

A report looking at the impacts on adult life for people who grew up in Catholic institutions.  Read more

Transitioning from (and with) Care: The Next Steps (2006)

Originally published in the Journal Children Australia, this includes qualitative research on leaving care and after care support.  Read more

The Challenge of Participation for Young People in Residential Care (2006)

Young people in residential care are often isolated from their families, from normal education and community activities, and have been placed in care by authorities that they may not know and powers they may not understand.  Read more

I Feel Like I Count: Flexible Support Packages in a Real Partnership (2005)

The report of a consultation with families and staff about the key features of the Making a Difference and Early Choices Programs operated by Monograph Series No. 33   Read more

It's a Real Shock: Transitioning from Care to Independent Living (2004)

As this report notes, the average young person in Australia finally leaves home at the age of 24 years, usually after having made two previous attempts to leave.   Read more

An Obligation to Participate: The Impact of Welfare Reform on Marginalised Families (2004)

This report analyses the potential impact of the Australians Working Together Act 2003 on marginalised families.   Read more

The Value of Long Term Multiple Family Preservation Services (2003)

Where children are identified as being at significant risk because of their family circumstances, there are typically two professional responses.   Read more

Submission to the Senate Inquiry into Children in Institutional Care (2003)

MacKillop Family Services welcomes the Senate Inquiry into children in institutional care. MacKillop is a relatively new organization, having been incorporated in 1997, but it is historically linked with seven services that provided care for many thousands of children and young people for over a century in Melbourne and Geelong.   Read more

Negotiating Change: Refounding and MacKillop Family Services (1999)

MacKillop Family Services was established in July 1997 as a refounding of seven well-established child, youth and family agencies in Melbourne and Geelong. The pressures for change came from the desires of the directors of these agencies and the leaders of their auspicing religious congregations to continue and to improve their services and, at the same time, from the demands of government tendering and funding polices.   Read more

Contesting Welfare: Welfare Services and Government Funding (1998)

An opinion piece on competition, privatisation and the impact on the community sector.  Read more