Sanctuary in Schools

Schools play a vital role in promoting the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, moral, spiritual and aesthetic development

Why create Sanctuary in schools?

Sanctuary in Schools Australia is a holistic, school-wide change model.  Through the creation of Sanctuary in classrooms and school cultures, improvement is seen in social and emotional wellness, personal accountability, behaviour and emotion management, as well as academic success.

“Children are only able to learn within a context of safety and security…Educators then, must face what becomes an intolerable burden - how to educate children who are disturbed, distracted, hyper-aroused and whose behaviour often interferes with their own learning and the learning of others.” (Sandra Bloom, 1995)

Problems arising from exposure to adversity in the home and the community are often intensified by behaviour control measures in the school. Many of the behaviour problems schools are dealing with can only be understood and managed by an integrated, trauma-informed and responsive framework and strategies.

The Sanctuary In Schools Model recognises that everyone in a school community- staff and students - experiences adversity to a greater or lesser degree. When attention is paid to creating and maintaining a safe environment for children and the adults working with them, toxic stress is minimised and individuals and teams in the school are better able to learn, work, grow and