Shared Language - SELF Framework

An important component of The Sanctuary Model is the problem-solving framework of S.E.L.F, which stands for the four categories Safety, Emotions, Loss, and Future. This framework is a trauma-informed way of organising conversations and documentation in a simple and accessible language. The S.E.L.F. framework levels the playing field for clients, families, staff, and administrators by moving away from jargon and toward a more fundamental organising system. These four categories (S.E.L.F.) represent the four dynamic areas of focus for trauma recovery.

It is also used to solve system and organisational problems in a nonlinear fashion that appreciates complexity. S.E.L.F. is a non-linear framework, so using it means sometimes going out of order when looking at an issue. Often, it makes sense to start with future (where we hope to be) and work backwards from there, considering concerns and possible interventions related to safety, emotions and loss.

Safety, Emotions, Loss, Future