Sanctuary Model

The Sanctuary Model is a framework for organisations to build safe communities that help people heal from trauma.

Sanctuary has helped me to feel safe, explore my trauma and understand how it impacts my life? I now understand why I do the thi

The Sanctuary Model (Sanctuary) focuses on safety and creating an understanding of how past adversity and trauma can continue to affect someone’s behaviour. It recognises that trauma has an impact not only on the people who have experienced it, but also on the staff who work with them and on organisations as a whole.

Sanctuary enables an organisation to create a safe, non-violent environment that teaches people to cope effectively with stress and trauma, and heal their emotional and behavioural health. It also supports staff and carers to form communities that are supportive and caring, and to maintain a culture that reflects these qualities at every level within the organisation.

Sanctuary is an evidence-based approach that was developed by Dr Sandra Bloom. It is based on her experiences working in an acute care psychiatric unit, where most of her patients had survived traumatic childhood experiences. 

The Four Pillars of Sanctuary

The Sanctuary Model rests on four "pillars" that enable organisations to practice congruently:

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