Outcomes, Evidence and Research

How Sanctuary works and what it does

The impact of adopting the Sanctuary Model should be observable and measurable. How does Sanctuary Work?  illustrates the process of how The Sanctuary Model results in improved outcomes for organisations and clients. The power of the Sanctuary Model is in the process.

At MacKillop, Sanctuary has helped us understand:

  • working with traumatised people can lead to staff and organisations becoming ‘trauma-organised’
  • how to redefine what safety means for everyone within our MacKillop community
  • 100 per cent of our clients and staff have experienced adversity and will benefit from trauma-informed care
  • how trauma-informed care leads to improved outcomes for clients and improved staff satisfaction and retention
  • that establishing the Sanctuary framework has resulted in a decrease in violence (physical, verbal and emotional) and stress in the workplace
  • how to make our processes more democratic

Sanctuary is an Evidence-supported model

The Sanctuary Model is a theory-based, trauma-informed, evidence-supported (National Child Traumatic Stress Network, 2008; Rivard, Bloom, McCorkle, & Abramovitz, 2004), whole-culture approach that has a clear and structured methodology for creating or changing an organisational culture.

Sanctuary is an ‘‘Evidence-supported’’ model which means it is verified by sound science and effective practices. Read the Clearinghouse Review here. The Sanctuary Model was also awarded the 2011 Council on Accreditation's Innovative Practices award (US).

Research demonstrates that survivors of trauma can be resilient if they are connected to positive, caring service providers (Harney, 2007; Larkin, Beckos, & Shields, 2012). Sanctuary creates an environment in which staff can sustain work with traumatised individuals and build meaningful connections. In separate US studies (Rivard et al., 2005; Stein, Sorbero, Kogan, & Greenberg, 2011), research demonstrated that Sanctuary is a promising approach for creating a healthy environment that promotes emotional health and wellbeing for staff and service users.

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