School Focused Youth Service

The School Focused Youth Services (SFYS) supports students who are vulnerable to, or showing signs of, disengaging from school. It is available to students in Years 5-12 in the City of Moonee Valley, City of Maribyrnong and City of Melbourne.

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SFYS contributes to Victorian Education targets aimed at breaking the link between disadvantage and outcomes for students, by supporting these students to stay in school.

What SYSF can offer:

School-based targeted interventions for students: 

  • Programs to address challenging behaviours (e/g strong emotions & conflict management)
  • Group based programs focused on building social and emotional skills and improving self-esteem (e/g creative arts/sporting and practical skill-based projects)
  • Mentoring programs for vulnerable students
  • Tailored programs to support specific cohorts 

Capacity building services for schools: 

  • Capacity building activities will be determined by the barriers to disengagement and indicators of disengagement identified in that student population, Examples of capacity building activities include:
  • Training/Professional learning on how to respond to specific indicators if disengagement (e.g. poor attendance)
  • Training to improve understanding of specific barriers to engagement (e.g. family breakdown)
  • Training to improve awareness of support required for a specific cohort (e.g. young carers)

Who is eligible?

SFYS is available to support students in schools within the City of Moonee Valley and City Maribyrnong and City of Melbourne from Year 5 - 12 who are vulnerable to, or showing signs of, disengaging from school.

How to access this service:

Schools can contact 83179700 or contact the respective program co-ordinators

City of Moonee Valley - Shelley So at

City of Maribyrnong/Melbourne - Elly Duff at