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Making good choices with her life

For many young people, the transition from school into the workforce can be overwhelming.

During the time Alysha* attended MacKillop Education, she was encouraged to not only engage in her learning, but also develop life skills that would prepare her for the next steps after school.

“I got encouraged every day to make good choices with my life,” says Alysha. “Through practical learning experiences, the teachers and staff helped me to get ready for the future, my first job and learn how to support myself.”

Last year, MacKillop Education’s VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) program included a popup soup kitchen, which was designed to help students develop skills in planning and organisation, and to encourage them to creatively problem solve.

Alysha now works in hospitality and credits the program for providing her with the skills to achieve employment and independence.

One of the skills I learned from the project that has been useful was using my time efficiently and working under pressure. Being able to receive feedback, whether it was positive or if it’s something that needed to be improved, has been very helpful.

– Alysha

“Having more than a dozen coffees to make in a short amount of time prepared me for my current job, as I’m now able to make lots of coffees very quickly.”

*Name changed and stock image used to protect privacy