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Supporting children in remote communities

First time foster carers Dan and Chris welcomed three siblings into their home in the Pilbara in urgent circumstances. The children, who displayed trauma-based behaviours, all responded differently to being placed in care.

WA Director, Kellie Goes was instrumental in teaching Dan and Chris to respond to the differing needs of the siblings.

“In a region as large as the Pilbara, it can be challenging to support foster carers when the closest MacKillop office is 2.5 hours away, but our staff are not daunted by the tyranny of distance. They have remained steadfast in their commitment to support Dan and Chris, spending a lot of time, on the phone and on the road, to help them to manage the siblings’ complex needs,“ Kellie said.

“Dan and Chris have done an amazing job caring for these siblings, giving them security through daily healthy routines and by providing them with the constant love and care. The children have responded so well and have formed a strong attachment.”

The couple responded, “Thank you MacKillop for all of your support. We appreciate all the follow up and additional work.”