Laura's Story

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Every day, children who have experienced heartbreaking abuse, neglect, and violence fall further behind in school. Your gift will help these children receive the specialised care they need to rebuild their lives and re-start their education.


For most kids, school can be tough at times. For kids who have experienced terrible trauma, school can be tough all of the time.

This is especially true for children living in Residential Care—children just like Laura.

Going to school while living in Residential Care was hard for Laura. She says,

“I never really liked school because of the bullying. My emotional state was really bad, so I wasn’t able to focus. I did try and push through, but it got really difficult.”

Laura needed extra help to get back on track with school. That’s where MacKillop Family Services’ Education Outreach Program came in. Laura’s Education Outreach Worker, Rachel, knew right away that Canine Supported Therapy could really help Laura conquer her anxiety and fear.

Laura has been working with her Canine Supported Therapy dog Millie for 5 months now. Just in this short time, she’s made leaps and bounds towards getting back on track with school. 

Talking about her therapy dog Millie, Laura says,

“It’s really made me feel much safer and more confident. I used to be so quiet and in a shell, and I never used to come out. But knowing that Millie can come with me and that I’ll have that support with me—it’s made me feel like I can do anything.”

That’s what’s so special about the relationship between Laura and Millie. Laura says,

“It does bring out your confidence and it relaxes you. When I’m with Millie, it makes me forget about everything bad. Every bit of stress that I’m latching onto, it lets go. It just goes.”

And Canine Supported Therapy is just one example of how MacKillop Family Services is finding new and innovative ways to help children in our care heal and rebuild their lives.

Your generous support will help provide services like Education Outreach to children who desperately need extra help with school. Your donation could support specialist tutors, trained therapists, outreach teachers, or social workers—all tailored to address the unique needs of abused and neglected children.   

Laura has experienced first-hand how MacKillop’s Education Outreach program has changed her prospects for the better. But there are hundreds of children in our care who are still waiting to receive the same specialised support that Laura has benefitted from. Whether it’s Canine Supported Therapy, intensive tutoring, or youth mentoring, every child in our care deserves to have the best possible chance to succeed.

Please help us plan for the upcoming school term and make your gift today. You can give kids their best possible chance at a brighter future.

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