Her name is Donna

A wife, mother, breast cancer survivor, ardent fundraiser and pet owner, Donna is the heart of her family of six children and husband Andrew. But she has also opened her home and her heart to foster children.

Having gone to school with children who lived in orphanages, Donna knew from a very young age that she wanted to give every child a chance to know that someone loved them. She believes that children are our most precious gifts and every child deserves to be able to love and be loved unconditionally.

Sadly, at MacKillop we know too well that not every child will grow up with the safety and trust they need to grow into caring and compassionate young adults.

For many reasons, children find themselves in bad situations beyond their control. Every day there are children growing up surrounded by fear, violence, neglect and abuse. They lose their innocence and freedom to be a child, forced to cope with situations they cannot even understand.

The one thing these children have in common is the need for a safe, stable and loving home environment. They may need this for a few days, weeks, years or a lifetime; but the best chance these children have is with a stable loving home with a foster family who can give them all the care they need.

Donna has been fostering children with MacKillop for five years. She and her family all agree that fostering children fulfils them in so many ways. With their hearts open and a loving home ready, Donna and her family are currently fostering two young sisters who are receiving all the love and attention that three and four years olds need.

While Donna may not have given birth to these girls, she is their mother in every sense of the word.

If you believe that every child deserves a nurturing family, a safe home and most importantly, all the love they need to be the best they can be, make a gift before 30 June to help carers like Donna open their hearts and homes.

Read a letter from Donna about her experience as a foster carer.

Because every child should have someone who is able to care for them and stay by their side through the good times and the bad.

Throughout her five years of caring, MacKillop has also stayed by Donna’s side. When a child is first placed with her family, we call her the next day to ask how the first night was. And then the next day we call again, and as many times as she needs. We make sure all our foster carers knows we are here to support them.

We provide comprehensive and flexible training, ongoing support from a designated case worker, access to a team of specialists, after-hours call service, planning and management for their foster child’s care, access to respite care, and so much more.

Like any mother, foster carers like Donna go to extraordinary lengths to give all their love and support to children in need. You can lend them your support with a donation today.

Your donation will help MacKillop continue to advocate on behalf of children, to place them into loving nurturing homes like Donna’s, and provide all the ongoing support foster carers need so they can ensure our precious children grow up to be tomorrow’s doctors, teachers, nurses, police officers and more.

As Donna says, “these are the children who are going to be in this country, running our country, working in our country… we need to do the best we can to help them live the lives they deserve.

Donate today so every child who comes through our doors can find a family like Donna’s who will take care of them.

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