Liam's Story

Bullying meant Liam could not fit into mainstream school...

Liam sitting in the classroom

What is it like if you're a child affected by trauma?

Like bullying. Or family violence. Or abuse.

You find it hard to trust people... because others pick on you. You have a hard time dealing with new situations... because you’re scared. You’re sensitive to how people treat you and struggle to control your emotions – because you’re hurting.

Then at school, you feel like you’re always in trouble with the teachers. You see people looking at you and thinking, “What terrible behaviour.”

Eventually it gets to breaking point...

You push over the tables and chairs in the classroom... anything to escape...

This was Liam at 9 years old. But you can help by donating today... trauma-affected kids should not be on waiting lists to get the help they urgently need.

Liam needed someone who could understand and help him or he was going to drop out of school. That’s if he wasn’t kicked out first... which is crazy given how intelligent Liam is.

His mother, Kim, says bullying at school had caused Liam serious social anxiety. He pleaded with his mum and dad not to make him go to school. He’d been on and off different medications. Unfortunately, some of them made his behaviour worse.

One day Kim received a phone call from school. Liam had run out of the classroom. He’d climbed to the highest point of the playground. He point blank refused to come down.

Kim despaired. She no longer knew how to help her son. The stress was becoming unbearable.

The teachers told Liam’s parents about MacKillop Education Services and eventually Liam secured a place in our school.

You can help children like Liam through MacKillop’s education programs by donating today... many of them are on waiting lists right now!

Liam responded to MacKillop’s special learning model almost immediately. Liam’s teacher, Caitlin, talks about the trauma-informed strategies she uses in her class.

“We need the Big Four - routine, consistency, structure, and predictability. The children we teach need to know what to expect when they come in every single day.”

Each child at MacKillop has a unique safety plan to help them manage their emotions and keep them and others safe. Caitlin has also personalised ways to enhance Liam’s ability to learn, like wearing noise-cancelling headphones because he’s sensitive to sound.

Liam has developed an incredible sense of self-awareness and emotional intelligence when he’s stressed.

But right now, hundreds of other children are waiting for help too... angry, frightened, unable to cope with bullying or trauma. Just like Liam used to be.

The great news about Liam is that he’s about to start transitioning back into mainstream school. Caitlin is confident he’ll be able to cope by using the new self-management tools he’s learned. And he’s excited about it too

Liam says he wants to be a palaeontologist when he grows up. This would not have been possible without the intervention he received at MacKillop... thanks to people like you.

Without MacKillop, Liam himself says, “I probably would have gotten expelled.” Caitlin agrees.

“Sadly, I think [without MacKillop], he would have been kicked out of the school he was at. He would have gone to another school, it would have happened again, and he would have been completely disengaged by year 7, year 8. He might even have gone into the juvenile justice system... Instead, now we've got a kid who, honestly, if he keeps going the way he is ... he can do whatever he wants.”

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