She belongs...

Christmas is a time of joy and happiness, holidays and family feasts.

With your help, her Christmas wish can come true

For children, it’s another school year over, long Summer break, and waiting in anticipation for Christmas Day to unwrap presents and receive lots of hugs and affection.

But not every child will share this kind of joy at Christmas. 

Katie is an innocent 14 year old who, in her very early years, had never been able to form a secure emotional attachment with those around her. Her mother has a disability that made it impossible for her to care for her child despite support. Other parental figures have come and gone throughout Katie’s life, making it difficult for her to trust any adult. Life has been tough for Katie. 

Christmas has always been a particularly hard time for Katie. When all the other children around her would get excited about Christmas, Katie instead imagined what it might feel like to be loved and to belong to a forever family.

Katie, and many children like her, need the right family to look after them.
They need stability and certainty and, more importantly, a real sense of belonging.

On any one night, MacKillop Family Services provides foster homes for more than 500 children. We ensure that every child is in a loving and stable home for as long as is required, whether that’s one night, one week, one month or forever.

MacKillop is able to deliver the best possible outcomes for vulnerable children, young people and families because of the kindness and generosity of ordinary people who recognise they can change a child’s life.

Will you join them by making a donation today?
You can help ensure that every child has the opportunity to develop to their full potential and live a rich and rewarding life.

Today life is very different for Katie. MacKillop Family Services asked foster carers Michael and Elizabeth if they would open their hearts and their home to Katie. They immediately said yes and two years on they have given Katie the home and family she needs.

As Katie’s Christmas letter shows, Katie is starting to believe she truly does belong, thanks to our kind donors and generous foster carers.

Make a donation today and help more children believe they belong this Christmas. 
Click here to read Katie’s Christmas letter.

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