Professional Development Day

This professional development day was run in August 2017 to deepen understandings and challenge preconceptions about trauma.

Promoting Trauma-Informed Practice in Schools: Inclusion, access and equity for all students

MacKillop Education Services supports children and young people who are disengaged from learning, or who are at risk of disengaging, or being excluded. These students have often experienced, or continue to experience, trauma which impacts on their capacity to successfully access education.

The impact of trauma on a child’s ability to learn has been highlighted by recent research. This research challenges us to consider trauma on a continuum and to recognise that a significant proportion of children and young people in our classrooms are impacted by trauma, to varying degrees.

Drawing on MacKillop's Sanctuary in Schools model of practice, trauma-informed strategies and approaches were shared to enhance the capacity of staff to support all students in the classroom.


This event was held in August 2017 in Melbourne and again in Geelong.


9:00am Registration. Tea and Coffee on arrival
9:30am Welcome to Country
9.45am Welcome
10.00am Keynote Address: The Impact of Trauma – What Has happened To You? (Robyn Miller, CEO MacKillop Family Services)
10.45am Morning Tea
11:15am Workshops – Session 1 > Read the workshop descriptions
12.00pm Workshop changeover
12:15pm Workshops – Session 2 > Read the workshop descriptions
1.00pm Lunch
2.00pm Keynote Address: Trauma in Education (Misha Thomas, Cornell University)
2:45pm Tuning-In and Changing Practice (Student Panel)
3:30pm Professional Development Day Concludes. Refreshments and Neworking