Tuning in to Kids - Melton

Tuning in to Kids is a six-session group parenting program with a focus on valuing emotions in the parent-child relationship.

Father and young boy looking at camera sitting on grass

Parents are provided with a range of resources including handouts supporting the development of parenting skills and targeted to families from a range of cultural backgrounds. 

What we can offer:

The program helps parents to:

  • understand the relationship between their children’s emotions and their behaviour
  • support their children to manage strong emotions and deal with conflict
  • use their children’s emotional experiences as an opportunity for closeness and teaching
  • gain awareness and learn to regulate their own emotions
  • develop skills to assist children to verbally label their emotions
  • develop skills to assist children in problem solving
  • guide children’s behaviour with appropriate limits.

Who is eligible?

This program is targeted towards the parents of primary school aged children and is open to parents who live in the local government area of Melton, in Victoria.

How to access this service:

This service can be accessed by contacting Luaipou Leuga on (03) 9680 8425 or luaipou.leuga@mackillop.org.au.

"I really enjoyed the tuning into kids program over the last three weeks. You made the group a very relaxed and safe place to be heard. I really appreciate the tools that I learnt, which have proven invaluable. Having the words and the awareness of my default parenting style in times of stress - and the understanding of the emotional coaching steps - has made me feel more in control." - Participant feedback

These resources were made possible by the support of Portland House Foundation in 2010. Read more