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ITC partnership launch video

00:00 Hello. My name's Jeremy Halcrow.

00:03 I'm Chief Executive Officer of Anglicare New South Wales South, West, and ACT

00:08 and we also operate as St. Saviors.

00:10 My name's Robyn Miller, and I'm the CEO of MacKillop Family Services.

00:14 I'm delighted to be celebrating our partnership

00:17 with Anglicare NSW South and ACT.

00:22 I'm extremely excited today to be announcing

00:25 our new partnership with MacKillop Family Services.

00:29 Not only do Anglicare and MacKillop share the same values,

00:33 but we also both have decades of experience operating foster care services,

00:39 as well as a range of alternative care in the out-of-home care system.

00:43 We're embarking on a very important journey to provide quality therapeutic care

00:48 for children who need it most.

00:50 We are searching for the right people, the right foster carers, the right youth workers,

00:55 particularly in the Queanbeyan area, in Blacktown, and in Liverpool.

00:59 So if you've got a passion for caring and supporting vulnerable children and young people,

01:05 I'd encourage you to find out more by visiting our website.

01:09 We're really keen and inviting you to join us,

01:12 and to make a difference to children and their families who need it most.