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Paws4Kids 2022

00:05 On Thursday 28th of April, you have the power to change young lives forever.

00:09 For some children, school isn't an easy place to be.

00:13 Many find it hard because beyond the school gate, they're dealing with some tough issues.

00:17 Paw Pals uses therapy dogs to support kids who are unable to learn in the classroom

00:22 You can help these children to heal and learn.

00:25 From my first session with Amber, it was clear just how much she loved therapy dog Lucy.

00:30 Due to sensory overload, Amber had not been in the classroom, or engaged with schoolwork for some time.

00:35 Working with Paw Pals has helped Amber to regulate her emotions and has enabled her to get back in the classroom and reconnect with education.

00:42 With Lucy, it really helps me feel calm, being around her and really helps me learn like some strategies on how to stay calm. And Lucy just makes it a lot easier.

00:55 MacKillop's Paw Pals program has been a complete lifeline. The therapy dogs and facilitators removed all barriers for her to receive the support she needed.

01:04 It's the only program in the state that's helped her to self-regulate and build her confidence enough so that she can happily return to the classroom.

01:11 Help children just like Amber to connect with education and succeed at school.

01:16 On Thursday 28th of April, our generous partners will triple every donation made to help our therapy dogs reach more kids in need.

01:25 We need to raise $330,000 in 24 hours so that MacKillop can continue its program in Melbourne and Geelong, and expand it to support children in Ballarat.

01:35 Therapy dogs have changed everything for Amber. You can help change lives too.