Suggested wording

To make sure your intentions are honoured, it is important to word your Will correctly. The suggested wording is set out below, but we recommend that you discuss this with your solicitor.

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There are a variety of bequest clauses but the following is the one most used for a general bequest:

“I give, devise and bequeath to MacKillop Family Services Limited (237 Cecil Street, South Melbourne, ABN 79 078 299 288),

  • The residue of my estate, or
  • X Percentage of my estate, or
  • the sum of $ [insert the relevant amount], and/or
  • Items from my estate.

for its general purposes, free from all duties, deductions and charges. The receipt of an authorised officer of MacKillop Family Services Limited shall constitute a full and sufficient discharge of executor’s duties.”

Already have a Will?

For those of you who already have a Will and wish to include a gift to MacKillop Family Services, it may be a simple matter of having your solicitor add a codicil — a short legal amendment to your existing Will. Your solicitor can check that the codicil fulfils all legal requirements and does not contradict other clauses in your Will.

We generally recommend that you review your Will from time to time, in case your circumstances change.

If you have chosen to include MacKillop Family Services in your Will, we would love it if you could inform us of your decision. Simply call our Fundraising Manager, Nichole Alfreds, on 03 9257 2214 or 1300 218 935 for a confidential discussion or email